R&B Soft | A Solutions Oriented Think Tank
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We are in the discovery business

Let us help you make sense of your data. The team at R&B Soft brings decades of experience to your enterprise.


Explore the Power of ICON

ICON is an enterprise solution for workforce improvement and optimization of health care delivery systems.  Designed to be integrated with your current Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, ICON will catapult you to the next level of patient care and business management.

Patient Flow Optimization

Bernoulli™ models patient flow and performance characteristics for a department to reduce wait-time, length of stay, and the number of patients who leave without being seen.

Patient Satisfaction Tools

Unite™ provides up-to-the-minute, detailed reporting of your patients’ experiences and perceptions.

Advanced Reporting

NOW™ is an intuitive dashboard that helps you identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement.

Performance Improvement

Infusion™ identifies knowledge gaps impacting your team’s performance and delivers targeted education to close them.

Intelligent Staffing and Scheduling

Symphony™ simplifies scheduling and reduces cost through innovative solutions such as having physicians bid for open shifts.


Proven Prediction

Potentia™ brings powerful predictive analytics to bear on business, politics, and economics. Based on proprietary methods to analyze real-world events and iteratively model potential outcomes, Potentia can revolutionize your business intelligence.

Outcome Accuracy

Potentia™ defines the Influencers in your system in terms of their relative power and sphere of influence. Heuristics are derived from subject matter experts to optimize the performance of the system, yielding surprisingly accurate outcome prediction.

Taming Chaos

Humans are not always rational. Potentia™ factors the art of the possible by considering irrational incidents and behaviors among its possible scenarios.

Machine Learning

Potentia™ learns from history—both ours and its own. Interactions, behavior, and outcomes data offer a rich experience to draw inferences from.

Position, Position, Position

In chess, board position is everything. Position drives human discourse as well. Potentia™ considers and suggests alliances, relationships, and positions that could enable the desired outcome.


Let us put your data to work

We can help you pay for your technology investments. Our consultants have cut costs for organizations by delivering solutions for data-driven process improvement.

Healthcare solutions

Healthcare is a core sector for R&B Soft. We have a team of seasoned clinicians on staff and as advisors to help us find ways to save you money, improve provider and patient satisfaction, and limit your risk. We understand the business of healthcare and the science of health informatics.

Business Intelligence

Computational methods in statistics and predictive analytics can deliver indispensable leverage to an organization. The challenges are in understanding your data and in using it to devise affordable strategies that give you a competitive edge. R&B Soft is ready to show you how.